The « KMV du Criou – Samoëns » are organised by the Samoëns Trail Events (Association Law 1901).


In signing up for a KMV du Criou race, participants commit to respecting the environment.

• It is strictly forbidden to leave any rubbish (gel tubes, wrappers, left over vegetable or fruit peels or cores, plastic containers, broken kit etc) on the course.
• All participants must keep their rubbish and packaging and wait until they can throw them away in the bins provided at the food stations.
• It’s compulsory to strictly follow the marked trails without taking shortcuts. Cutting across paths actually encourages a damaging erosion of the area, potentially causing wear on the foliage and possibly even disturbing the wildlife.

In order to limit the consumption of single-use containers, no cups are provided at the food stations. Each racer must bring their own cup.

The mountains are your playground and our everyday surroundings. The preservation of these areas is at the heart of our sport. Let’s respect it!

Participation in the « KMV du Criou – Samoëns » signifies acceptance of the rules below.

By accepting these rules, participants recognise that they have been fully informed by the organisers of the obligation to have available, throughout the whole race, equipment adapted to the specific, mountainous conditions. Participants are required to have kit to cope with the following:

• The full range of weather conditions which can be found in the mountains (cold, heat, rain, wind and potentially extreme conditions). Whatever the weather conditions at the start of the race, the weather can change dramatically throughout the course of the race, particularly during the night.
• A long period of being immobile (weather conditions and the nature of accidents in this type of terrain can hugely delay rescue operations)

Participants therefore acknowledge that in the event of a health problem of any nature (especially injuries and hypothermia, hyperthermia…) originating directly or indirectly or being aggravated by not being in possession of the appropriate kit, they cannot hold the organisers responsible for this situation.

The race KMV du Criou are open to everyone (licensed or unlicensed), of all nationalities with the age categories corresponding to those provided by the FFA.

To confirm your registration, each runner must provide:
• An ‘Athlé Compétition’, ‘Athlé Entreprise’ or ‘Athlé Running’ licence provided by the FFA or a ‘Pass’ j’aime Courir’ provided by the FFA and authorised by a doctor and in date of the event. (Please note that the other licences provided by the FFA (Santé, Découverte and Encadrement are not accepted).
• A medical certificate (original or copy), written in French which confirms that there is no reason why the participant shouldn’t compete in either competitive sports, competitive athletics or a running race. It must be dated within one year of the event.

No other document can be accepted as proof of a medical certificate.

The medical certificate needs to be provided as part of the registration before the 12th of August 2023.
No bib will be assigned without a medical certificate.

Registration for the event can only be completed online via secure payment with a bank card.

• KMV du Criou : €25

This fee includes a meal after the race.

In accordance with the law, the organisers have taken out public liability insurance for the duration of the event. The organisation refuses all liability in the case of an accident or incidents resulting in a poor state of health.

Personal insurance: licenced participants benefit from the guarantees provided by the insurance cover of their sports licence. Each competitor must be in possession of a personal accident policy which covers any necessary search and rescue charges in France.

The competitors acknowledge that they have been duly informed by the organisation that in the case of a helicopter evacuation, it is the competitor who is responsible for the charges incurred and that the choice of method of evacuation is made exclusively by the organisation. It’s for this reason that the organisers invite each participant to either check if they have insurance which covers this type of operation or to sign up to the insurance suggested by the organisers at the time of registration.

Each individual bib is given out to the corresponding runner on presentation of:

• A valid photo ID

The bib must be worn on either the chest or stomach and must always be completely visible throughout the whole race. It therefore needs to be positioned on the outside of any clothing.

Safety stations in radio contact with the Race HQ will be situated in several sites throughout the course. A medical team will be present through the whole event. They will be able to access the course by any appropriate means including helicopter if necessary and if the conditions allow. The organiser and the medical team can take the decision to prevent a runner continuing on medical advice.

It is only possible to have a hot shower at the Ice rink in Samoëns. Access to the showers at the race finish is strictly for the runners.

No cash prizes will be given out. The first 3 men and the first 3 women (overall) and the first man and the first woman in each age category in every race will receive a prize.

In the case of withdrawal, the competitor must confirm his or her withdrawal to either the closest volunteer or directly to the Race HQ. The competitor must (if their condition allows) go to the closest food station by his/her own means strictly following the course path. Alternatively, competitors can wait for the race to close and join one of the access points in the company of the security or volunteer teams.

All unjustified costs incurred for the purpose of finding runners who have not adhered to the race rules will be charged to the runner.

Any breaches of the rules (including those relating to respect for the environment and the mandatory kit) and of good sporting conduct may be subject to a penalty for a runner and can range from a time penalty to disqualification. The level of penalty will be agreed by the organising committee with respect to the nature of the breach and their decision is final. If several breaches have been recorded, the penalties will be accumulated. The penalty will be notified to the competitor by the race management committee no later than 20 minutes after they have crossed the finish line.

For safety reasons, the organisation reserves the right to change the course, the race start time, the time limits or to cancel a race in the event of bad weather conditions. In the event of a race cancellation, the organisation will reimburse the registration fee minus 20% which corresponds to the non-refundable charges incurred prior to the race start. In the event of a discontinuation of a race where the start and a substantial part of the race has been accomplished, no reimbursement will be paid.

KMV du Criou

All competitors, at the time of registration, can take out a race cancellation insurance for an additional fee of €8 per person which will be added onto the registration fee.

The object of the insurance is to allow the full reimbursement of the committed registration fees in the event where the competitor (or his next of kin) has asked to cancel a registration because of one of the following reasons:

• An accident, a serious illness or the death of the runner themselves
• A serious illness that required the hospitalisation or the death of a spouse or common-law partner, parent or child within 30 days prior to the event.
• The pregnancy of a registered runner, or the birth of a child either two weeks before or after the race.

In the event of an accident or serious illness of a competitor, it will be necessary to provide a medical certificate signed and stamped by doctor confirming that the competitor is unable to compete. In all other situations, any cancellations must be justified by a certificate signed and stamped by an appropriate expert or authorised person.

Conditions of compensation: all requests for compensation need to be provided to us, accompanied by the medical certificate no later than the day before the event.

Only the cost of the registration fee will be reimbursed.

Donations to the association, the cancellation of insurance, potential insurance and bank charges will not be reimbursed.

All competitors expressly give up their rights to images taken of them taken during the event and they also give up the right to take action against the organisation and their sponsors for any use of their images. The organisation alone has the right to pass on the copyright to all media via an accreditation or an appropriate licence.

In accordance with the law of information and freedom from the 6th of August 1978 (French Law), and in compliance with the new General Rule of Data Protection 9RGPD UE 2017/679), all competitors have available the right to access and to modify data concerning themselves.

Data is collected as part of the registration of one of the races of the KMV du Criou in order to help the organisation and particularly to identify each individual runner in order to be able to communicate all information associated with his/her participation before, during and after the event.

The data of the runner in its entirety, is kept for a period of 10 years, renewable at each registration. This 10 years corresponds to the legally permitted storage time of the medical certificate which does not advise against the practise of athletics, running competitions or a sports licence. Beyond these 10 years, unless explicitly authorised by the runner, all data is deleted except surname, first name, date of birth, gender and nationality in order to maintain the rankings.

All runners can have access to their personal data concerning themselves by simply making a request to the following email address:

All requests for amendments to personal data can be made either:
1. By letter to the following address:
Samoëns Trail Evenements
947 route des Esserts
Le Hameau des neiges, appartement 2504
74440 Morillon

2. By email to the following address:

All requests for access to or modification of personal data will be treated as quickly as possible with a deadline of 1 month from the receipt of the request.